Finding my✌#PEACE continued..

Written By April Rhodes - March 09 2016


Laurel Powell
July 21 2016

I cannot imagine that happening in my front yard, and I am so sorry for your family and neighborhood that had to go through that. It is a scary world and you are brave for sharing so much, I just wanted to say I appreciate your honesty and it is so comforting to know that other people feel the same fears. I am working to give those fears to God and not let them control me, but it’s tough. Praying for your peace, too.

Emma @ A Hand Stitched Life
March 21 2016

Oh April, I’m so sorry you had such a terrible experience. I am very thankful to live in a country and never know what it’s like to have guns readily available. I was only 3 when the Port Arthur Massacure occurred which set in place the gun laws we have now. I do understand the feelings of hope, friendship and love that we have down under, they truly make it a wonderful place to live. I hope you bring your family back to visit, I’m sure they will love it here as much as you do :)

Becky McIntosh
March 09 2016

Oh April you are lovely. I too feel those anxieties (and with no real cause, I have lived and utterly blessed life here in Australia) especially this past year or so. Just literally two hours ago I drove past a sign by a church that said “we are more than conquerors through Him” now my faith has been through the wash recently but I was suddenly filled with this peace that “boo you world I am going to conquer! I’m going to conquer by loving the crap out of everyone I meet. And if the only meaning to being in this world is to LOVE and to lift the load of others as much as I can then I’m going to do it!” No more moping around about life feeling meaningless I’m going to add meaning to it! … I just need to bottle this feeling for tomorrow well at least go write it somewhere so I remember :) so glad you have felt peace here we have loved having you. Thank you for coming!
Ps I finished my Mustang skirt and its rocking! Xxx

March 09 2016

Hi April it’s so lovely to read about your thoughts on Sydney. I moved to Sydney about 8 years ago, having grown up in Melbourne. We now have two young kids and I often feel so incredibly lucky to have such a great life and so many amazing opportunities for our kids. Your words so easily capture how great this place is. Yes Syds has issues such as housing affordability, congestion etc but on the whole it such a fantastic place to live. I hope you do get to bring your family back for a visit!

March 09 2016

You are pure awesomeness, April. We don’t know each other but this post completely resonated with me. Every part! Thank you for sharing. Best to you!

March 09 2016

Thank you for sharing this. It was really brave of you. As a mother and a nurse and a citizen of this country I agree with you that we need change in our world. Things are so out of hand here in the USA. It is probably too much given your experience and would not want to dredge things up for you but I am listening to Between the World and Me and he captures so many things that are embedded in our culture that puts such a low value on the lives of young black men. Sending prayers for continued peace and healing for you. Your art is amazing. I have sewn with your fabric and made a garment I love. Keep being yourself. Xo

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