Lots of BIG things going on . . .

Written By April Rhodes - March 21 2016


Holly Hughes
March 22 2016

I really needed to read this tonight. I feel like I’ve been on the brink of finally doing some big things I want to do, but I’ve made it too easy to lean on my fears and insecurities and “what if’s” to move forward. Being stuck like that has been so frustrating, but hearing about the joy you are finding in your new venture is just the lift I was waiting for! Thank you for sharing (I definitely read your posts, however intermittent) and I appreciate your willingness to be candid!

March 21 2016

April, your passion and emotional connection to your work and art are just so inspiring and contagious!!! And I for one am always happy to read your blog, even if it’s just once in a blue moon!

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