I've been keeping secrets.

Written By April Rhodes - February 05 2014


February 10 2014

a book?!

Amy Castillo
February 06 2014

You’re killin’ us! I’m guessing a fabric line. Whatever it is you are clearly full of joy and excitement- hooray!

beth lehman
February 05 2014

i know it will be fabulous!

February 05 2014

love love love love love! Can’t wait for the world to know! :)

February 05 2014

I’m guessing fabric line too! And I hope those are blurry previews in the background! And I’m very excited if I’m right!!!

February 05 2014

I’m with Julianna…is it a fabric line? Can you tell us if we guess it?

February 05 2014

Oh, I guess that you have designed a fabric line! Am I right? :)

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