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Written By April Rhodes - February 28 2014


Jessica Pierre'auguste
March 05 2014

I appreciate your honesty and willingness to be vulnerable with this post. I have been considering starting to write on my blog again and I struggle with some of the same thoughts. But on a smaller scale because I don’t have amazing clothing patterns and new fabric lines out in the world as you do. :)
I worry about what people will think of me and the parts of myself that I would share should I choose to be open and honest about who I am and the struggles I contend with in life. And the uncomfortable feeling I’d have when talking about things I have accomplished and if readers will view this as sharing or bragging.
Your thoughts have encouraged me to continue to consider this and work out what is scaring me about sharing and what can be gained for me and for others through the uncomfortable sharing. Hopefully I’ll be able to push through and (re-) start blogging.

Thank you!

Anne scaperoth
March 01 2014

I believe in you April. I can appreciate how hard it is to put a creation out in the world. It will get easier as you have more practice. Continuing to do it in spite of the insecure feeling takes strength and courage. I’m glad you are moving forward. Love to you, Anne

February 28 2014

April, I admire your courage. You just jumped in and did it!! Of course, you are going to feel insecure at times. That makes sense to me. I learned from you this week that we all have our own design styles and we can admire the work of all artists even though it may not be something we are interested in. We can still say, “Good job!” even if we aren’t going to buy the fabric. Oh and BTW… I am going to buy your entire collection!!

February 28 2014

April, I believe in your strength.
I understand crippling fear when it comes to my own creativity when I put it out for others to share with me. Creativity comes from a deep personal well of our own love, so when it is available for all who wants to share it brings vulnerability. You will never be able to fully please anyone but yourselfand parenting proves that. Your creative passion is contagious and you have talent in your ventures. I am happy to enjoy what you are sharing with the world and am so happy for your successes. Flops are lessons and its a good thing you are surrounded by amazing people who be happy to cushion your falls. Peace to you.

February 28 2014

on another note. I’m wearing the staple dress in rayon today and the first thing my 2 year said when she woke up was “mommy, i love your dress” :)

beth lehman
February 28 2014

your honestly and vulnerability will take you so far, april, b/c you won’t be a fake. i’ve been reading some of brene brown’s work on courage and vulnerability and how these things allow us to live a life that is open and full, rich and meaningful. fear is ok…. in fact, she says of herself ‘i can have fear and courage at the same time’. i would recommend reading some of daring greatly, the gifts of imperfection, or just watching one of her TED talks…. it will change the way you think about fear and courage and vulnerability. reading through what you wrote again, i wouldn’t be surprised if you are somewhat of an introvert, making your way through a very extroverted world. i think it’s hard to put yourself OUT there when your tendency is to keep to yourself. i know that is true for me. all the best to you as you navigate these new waters.

February 28 2014

All I can say is expect nothing in return and know that just doing it is enough. To say you did it to yourself, your mother, your daughter is enough. We are fortunate to live in a world where you know people aren’t going to like what you do but in most cases people are going to like and some even love it. No one will ever fully understand the emotional toll that went into the process or how accomplished you really are so don’t expect them to. Fear is your worst enemy and the reason why the brave come out on top. You have become a sewing shop name so quickly and guess what …everyone loves you!

February 28 2014

I love your honesty and willingness to be vulnerable. :)

And, for the record, I feel relatively certain this will not be a flop!

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