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Written By April Rhodes - June 12 2013


September 13 2013

Hey April, just finished my staple dress and I know there will be more. Just wanted to thank you for a beautiful design and excellent pattern. You surely know how to write instructions so it stays simple though friendly.

June 28 2013

Hey April, just discovered your super Staple dress pattern and lovely blog. Congrats on launching your pattern from a fellow indie designer! Wishing you lots of success and I’ll be following along with your progress… xx

Rachel Howard
June 19 2013

So many exciting things on the horizon for you! You are so sweet and so incredible. I feel so lucky that I’ve had the chance to meet you while I’m living here! Keep up all the great work, I’m so proud of you! :)

June 17 2013

YOU are amazing girl — you share your heart and are so raw and real. You deserve all of this success!!!

Congratulations on some AMAZING sales — that is crazy insane, and YAAAAAAAYYYYY!!!!


Betty Bauer
June 13 2013

I commented before, but I am a friend of Carrie’s. I love the style of your dress. Being the height and size I am I couldn’t wear it, wish I could. It will be great for the majority of people. I think it will go over BIG. Wish you success.

Hedy Riegle
June 12 2013

Congratulations April! You deserve all that this journey has brought to you!

June 12 2013

:) so excited for you!

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