Alison Glass Blog Tour - fine Feathered Sweet & Low + A GREAT BIG GIVEAWAY!!!!

Written By April Rhodes - August 30 2013


September 13 2013

I think a modern baby blanket would be great…and I’d love the flowers pattern. Thank you!

September 12 2013

I’d make a quilt, or a table runner. I’d love to stitch the flowers! Thanks!

September 12 2013

Copy you and do a skirt! I like the animals embroidery.

September 11 2013

It’s such a pretty print! I’d use it in a quilt for sure, so graphic and fun. Cheers :)

Hannah M
September 10 2013

I would make the staple dress…I’ve really been wanting to make one! And I’d go with the cute little bird for embroidery.

abby @ thingsforboys
September 10 2013

I would love to make a Tova tunic with the fabric…gorgeous! Also, totally in love with the crafts embroidery. Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway!

Sarah McCormick
September 09 2013

I think it is just perfect to make a top from!

liz f
September 09 2013

I would use it in a bag – probably the tinker tote!

September 08 2013

I think the feather print would make sucha great quilt back, so many great colors! I would love to have the flowers embroidery pattern.

michelle r
September 08 2013

UMMM!!! decision decisions??? What to make! Think the print will look great on my crazy three year old in a par of pants, and with the rest… well that will have to go to me of course for a top!

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